Abstract: The Relational Databases contain the valuable information of various organizations and institutes. In the world of Information Technology and Internet Based services the Copyright protection or Ownership rights protection of Relational Database is critical issue. When data is used in collaborative environments for information extraction; consequently, they are vulnerable to security threats concerning ownership rights and data tampering. Due to unauthorized access to the data may change the originality it result in significant losses of the organization. Watermarking is used to protect the ownership rights of shared Relational Data and also providing the solution for tackling and tampering of data. Watermarking is most often used for images, audio, video etc. However, by considering the use of Relational Database in shared environment and its security, When Ownership rights are preserved using watermarking, the underlying data also gets modified; as a result of which, the data originality gets compromised.

Keywords: Watermarking, Ownership right protection, Data Recovery.