Abstract: The full form of the EEG signal is Electroencephalogram. EEG signal is discovered by 1300 years. Electroencephalogram is fully computerized arrangement. EEG appliances are made in many outfits, electrodes & memory. Its work as combination of neuroimaging structures i.e. FMRI. Bio potential generates neural activity of brain is known as Electroencephalogram. The many EEG wave are used in the system like alpha wave, beta wave, gamma wave, theta wave and delta wave. All waves are work as different-different amplitude, frequency & location. The time frequency analysis of the EEG signal is done by no of condition like time domain, single event, long time period etc. EEG signal are used in no of diseases like epileptic seizures, brain death etc. Wireless system are used in the electroencephalogram transmitted data through radio signal no wire are used. Itís done by fourth order Butterworth filter. Converting ADC to DAC using Atmel Atmega 1281 microcontroller. XStream-PKG-U USB used in wireless transmission of the EEG signal, X-CTU software is used in interfacing of the wireless system.

Keywords: EEG signal, Electroencephalogram, ADC, DAC, Atmel Atmega 1281 microcontroller, X-CTU.