Abstract: The emergence of ambient-assisted living (AAL) tools is a blessing for the human society, nowadays, with the innovative smart sensors and mobile technologies. These ICT-based products, services and systems are increasing the quality of life, autonomy, participation in social life, skills and employability of older adults, and reducing the costs of health and social care. Moreover, monitoring the daily routines and activities of elderly people and thus help them to avoid being unwell subside the load on the patient monitoring. In this paper we propose and design a system which includes smart sensors and mobile technologies to monitor daily routines of elderly people and to report the career any atypical event. Our designed AAL Communication system not only provides efficient monitoring services but also opens new commercial opportunities through the use of information and communication technology. In addition, the proposed system is robust, economical, and secured.

Keywords: AAL, APK, WLAN, Android SQLite.