Abstract: Technologists have never had difficulty getting up with possible applications for wireless sensors. In a home protection organization, for instance, wireless sensors would be more comfortable to establish than sensing elements that require wiring. The same is true in industrial surroundings, where cabling typically bills for 80% of the price of sensor facilities and then there are applications for sensors where cabling is not virtual or even potential. The trouble though is that most wireless sensors use excessively much power, which signifies that their batteries either have to be very big or get charged far too frequently. A low power wireless communication technology called ZigBee is revising the wireless sensor equation, however. ZigBee is being widely used for sensor communications and many other research fields. Why regard ZigBee? Because it is inexpensive and has safer compatibility when likened to other communication technologies.This paper gives the general survey of the ZigBee network technology, including its access methods, devices, topologies. The most significant section of this paper consists of the protocol architecture of ZigBee and several applications of ZigBee technology.

Keywords: ZigBee, topology, Protocol stacks, Security.