Abstract: In INDIA mobile technologies service delivery ration become rapid with mobile subscriber which are expected present more than 50 crore. m-Governance is now growing, not only in developing countries but also in the developed countries also. Our Indian Government was decided to improved their technologies and delivering public services through mobile phone, thereby starting Mobile Governance (m-Governance) as a persuasive new benchmark within the culture of e-Governance. The achievement of the projected proposal on m-Governance will seriously depend upon the ability of the Government Departments to make available regularly compulsory public services to their beneficiary. To create infrastructure for Mobile Based Services on the basis of anywhere anytime, adopt appropriate standards, develop appropriate technology platforms, try minimised the cost of every services, and create awareness, primarily for people in rural areas. We generate a new technologies Centralized Mobile Gateway (CMG) for make powerful to availability of civic services through mobile device at extremely negligible costs for delivering public services through mobile device.

Keywords: Centralized Mobile Gateway, Mobile Governance, m-Governance, e-Governance, Mobile Based Services, public services, M-Governance Applications Store, value added services, Separate Mobile Application Ready Content.