Abstract: Denial of service attacks are becoming increasingly predominant and serious anonymity that these particular attacks affords the hacker provides no means for a victim to trace the attack. It is essential to protect the resource of the victims and trace the Denial of Service (DoS) attack, but distinguishing of normal traffic and DoS attack traffic is quite challenging because the DoS generally hide their origins. The technique of IP traceback is required to overcome Denial-of-Service attacks. Especially when the attacker’s uses incorrect or spoofed source IP address tracing the origin of the Denial of Service is hardest in internet. There are numerous techniques and methodologies are used to trace the DoS attacks. This paper presents several of the mostly used traceback techniques to resolve the problem. The main aim of this paper is to state the various traceback techniques of the DoS attack.

Keywords: IP spoofing, DoS, packet marking, packet logging, IP Traceback methods.