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Abstract: Thousands of students and university employees come every day to King Abdul-Aziz University, and their identities must be verified at the entrance gates by security employees, which causes crowding and delays. Moreover, security employees have to verify all the university identity cards at the end of the day when students and university employees exit the university in a normal way or in case of emergency, and they have to check all places to make sure that there is no one inside the university. It also possible to lose or forget the university identity card, in that case, the student has to fill out a form manually. In this paper, a system is proposed to solve the problems mentioned previously. The system consists of an RFID and fingerprint-based verification system. It facilitates the work of the security employees at the entrance gates, helps the educational affairs employees to manage the records of students when they forget their cards and saves the time of students when they enter/exit the university and especially when they forget their university identity cards.

Keywords: RFID, fingerprint processing, verification system, control system

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8807