Abstract: Wireless sensor networks consist of small nodes with sensing, computation, and wireless communication capabilities. Among applications of WSN, healthcare monitoring in large-scale areas is an important technique which offers tracking and controlling patients at anywhere and anytime via the Web/Dabase and cellular network technologies.Due to the emerging demands of medical equipment nowadays, the wireless body area network (WBAN) is imperative. In the case of an emergency, doctors and/or nurses will be contacted automatically and immediately through their handhelds or smart phones. This paper describes the design of a system which allows real-time monitoring of nomads people those are in isolated areas as desert locations. This system helps to save the patientís life especially those who suffer from chronic diseases and in their case the medical intervention become impossible. This solution combines RFID tags and readers, BSN nodes incorporated in the patient body. All biomedical collected data will be sent periodically to the medical specialist staff in a remote hospital center through a Wi-MAX network. The proposed scheme has been simulated by OPNET tool to demonstrate the efficiency and the convenience of the developed approach. This solution facilitates the emergency intervention and the localization, in real time, of the patient targets whose are in far areas and they need a help.


Keywords: Real Time Monitoring, RFID, Wi-Max, Web Server, Body Sensors, Healthcare.