Abstract: To support real-time transmission with rigorous Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for wireless applications, substantial research has been committed. At the same time, a wireless hybrid network which incorporates a wireless and MANET is better alternate for the next generation wireless networks. By verbatim acceptation of resource reservation-based QoS routing for MANETs, acquire invalid reservation and race condition issues in MANETs. To ensure the QoS in hybrid networks, QOD protocol has been enforced to provide prominent QoS performance. In this paper PSO based QoD protocol has been proposed, by using PSO (practical swarm optimization) algorithm for identifying the nearest neighbour. By using PSO the computational cost is diluted. Thus providing, an economic hybrid wireless network. By relying on an observation, the PSO based QOD protocol shows improved performance than QOD.

Keywords: QoS, QOD, Cost Optimization, PSO, Hybrid Wireless Network, MANET.