Abstract: Currently digital videos are used in different fields of technology and in daily activities of human. The processing of image or video provides an understanding of the particular scene that it describe and of course it is very essential task in technologies like Robotics, Video surveillance and Multimedia. So it has become an area of research in the recent years. Video shot boundary detection is one of the research works in the field of video processing. The Shot boundary detection plays very important role for a browsing, retrieving, classifying and detecting any event. Video shot transitions provide simple jump points for browsing the videos. There are so many methods to detect the shot change, which have been proposed, many researches are trying hard to put forward various algorithms of this. In this paper, we have tried to analyse the performance of some of the video shot detection methods on embedded system such as on Beagle Board.

Keywords: Video Shot Detection (VSD), BeagleBoard, Edge Change Ratio (ECR).