Abstract: C-V measurements provide a wealth of information about device and material characteristics. Capacitance versus (usually reverse) voltage, referred to as C-V, measurements can be used to study the most basic properties of semiconductor rectifying junctions. In addition to obtaining simple capacitance values at a given bias, which may be important for circuit simulation, the data can be manipulated to yield a number of other parameters such as the built-in potential, Vbi, the doping profile as a function of depth and the barrier height. This paper will present the principle of c-v measurement and c-v measurement of metal /porous silicon/silicon/metal (MISM) structure. To do the C-V measurement of (MISM) structure, metal porous silicon contact must be needed. So metal-porous silicon contact (both ohomic and rectifying) are also being discussed.

Keywords: C-V Measurement, metal-porous silicon, semiconductor etc.