Abstract: Ontology is a term in philosophy and its meaning is theory of existence. Ontology is a body of knowledge describing some domain, typically common sense knowledge domain. This views ontology as an inner body of knowledge, not as the way to describe the knowledge. The most commonly quoted definition of ontology is that ontology is a formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptualization. A conceptualization, in this context, refers to an abstract model of thinking of the people about things in the world, usually restricted to a particular subject area. An explicit specification means that the concepts and relationships in the abstract model are given explicit names and definitions. The name is a term, and the definition is a specification of the meaning of the concept or relation. An agent communicates to another agent by using the constructs from some ontology. In order to understand in communication, ontology’s must be shared between agents. This paper explains the new concept of ontology. In this paper our main motive is to study about the basics of ontology, fuzzy logic and machine learning algorithm.

Keywords: Ontology, Methodology, Knowledge Analysis, Domain Analysis, Fuzzy Logic, Machine Learning Algorithm.