Abstract: Election is one of the indicators which is used by different countries to promote their democracy for allowing the eligible citizens to elect their efficient leaders to lead their political parties, institutions, and even their countries. In present era, the technology is growing amazingly and it is playing a significant role in Election System to minimize elevated expenses of manual and paper-based systems like, money spent on paper based voting, indelible ink, man power expenditure. The technologies have also been improved to reduce the possible errors which can happen in the process of election time, in voting and counting the votes as well as in publishing the votes. This paper describes the key components on security issues in the hardware and software of Electron Voting Machine (EVM), and significance of Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) algorithm to assure the security of the election systems. The main objective of this paper is to pronounce the primary role of E-Voting and its security in securing the voters privacy, integrity, reliability, simplicity, verifiability, coercion and accountability.

Keywords: EVM, Micro-controller, RSA algorithm, and EMS.