Abstract: Data deduplication is the best data compression techniques for eliminating duplicate copies of same data and it is widely used to reduce the amount of storage space and save only single instance of a file. These deduplication mechanisms removes duplicate files from the storage cloud and replace them with the pointer of the original file. The idea of Deduplication optimizes the cost of data storage. Lower backup data means better RTO (recovery time objective). To protect the confidentiality of sensitive data while supporting deduplication, the privacy preserved data Deduplication with auto attestation strategy (2PDAS) has been proposed to protect the data before outsourcing. This study makes the first attempt to formally address the problem of authorized attestation based data Deduplication in order to maintain the data security. This 2PDAS is entirely different from traditional deduplication systems like ALG algorithm, the differential privileges of users are further considered in duplicate check along with the data which is deduplicated. We present a novel deduplication system which can be done by each user with the mechanism of Auto correction and Attestation based Integrity Verification system. The proposed system provides Guaranteed Data freshness and data management with privacy.

Keywords: Deduplication, privacy deduplicate check, confidentiality, cloud, integrity, redundancy.