Abstract: To lower the sampling rate in a spread spectrum communication system, compressive sampling process is applied to take out the received signal. This may cause a decrease within the power consumption or the producing value of wireless receiverís using spread spectrum technology. The most novelty of this paper is that the discovery that in spread spectrum systems it's potential to use compressive sensing with a far easier hardware design than in alternative systems, creating the implementation easier and more energy economical. Our theoretical work is illustrated with a numerical experiment using the IEEE 802.15.4 standard's 2.4 GHz band speci?cation. The numerical results support our theoretical ?ndings and indicate that compressive sensing could also be used with success in spread spectrum communication systems. The results obtained here may also be applicable in alternative spread spectrum technologies, like Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) systems.

Keywords: Compressive Sensing, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum communication System.