Abstract: Resolution is designated as significant holding for images. Resolution is an underlined expression of any image. Gratifying quality images are required almost in every field. For this we propose new modified algorithm having the extention in scaling and the algorithm is applied on image mingled with text for producing the pleasing quality of image. This paper presents a resolution method for enhancing digital gray images. The proposed enhancement technique is based on the interpolation of the high frequency sub-bands obtained by DWT and SWT. The proposed technique uses DWT to decompose an image into different sub-bands, and then the high frequency sub-band images have been interpolated. The interpolated high frequency sub-band coefficients have been corrected by using the high frequency sub-bands achieved by SWT of the input image. The lower sub band obtained by DWT decomposition is interpolated with the same interpolation factor. Afterwards all these images have been combined using IDWT to generate a super resolved imaged. Further we have made up extra enhancement in the image with the help of the fusion.

Keywords: Discrete wavelet transform (DWT), Inverse dual-tree complex wavelet transform (IDT-CWT), DWT-SWT.