Abstract: Security on an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is the major issue in the current world. Improving the security is necessary to customerís transaction protection. So the best solution for security and authentication is biometric system, it offers convient and secure mode of authentication to the user numbers of threatens are there hacking of password etc all of them have the solution is biometric. Authentication is a critical part of trustworthy computing system, which want to ensure to the customer that only individuals with corroborated identifiers can log on to the system or access the resource. The biometric authentication with cryptography improves the security level of authentication. In this paper propose a bio-metric system for encrypting the user password is for secure ATM transaction. A fingerprint and eyelash image is required at transaction time. Then it will compare with server database only further transaction will allow matching occur with server database.

Keywords: Biometric, Authentication, Cryptography, Finger print , Eyelashes, Automated Teller Machine, Security, Harris Corner Detection ,Encryption, Decryption.