Abstract: In present days, high data rates transmissions and their manipulations are almost completing by wireless distributed computing (WDC) network, generally for minimize the time consumption. But we are unable to minimize the distributed computing power ratio (DCPR) in much manner for same network. The parameters, which are influencing on this DCPR, are network size, bandwidth, computing density, and switching frequency. In this paper, the main objective is to minimize the DCPR with proper allocation of mentioned parameters for a WDC network. I propose OFDMA based WDC system, to achieve the very less interference and to satisfy the above specified objective. This paper uses soft and evolutionary computing algorithm, called the particle swarm optimization (PSO). This algorithm gives global optimum solution to above specified objective. The performance of proposed system with specified algorithm is analyzed using computer MATLAB simulation.

Keywords: Wireless Distributed Computing Network, OFDMA, DCPR.