Abstract: IOT use things to things connection to access the internet of things, allow data to store and access services. Services over internet of things development according to need of person to person and thing to person, machine to machine interaction without human interaction. As there is limited non-renewable resources are present in our daily life, Electricity is one of them which utilized in every country that results abundant losses due to electricity larceny. Power theft is going to be the key challenges. A smart energy meter is used to minimize the electricity larceny. Basically energy meter is a device that calculates the cost of electricity consumed by homes, business, or an electrical device. It reduces the theft of electricity. In this paper a government person can find the dishonest user by showing the status of energy meter at the back end of electricity office. To attain this, energy meter communicate with raspberry pi through GPIO pins. GPIO pins fetch the effective data from energy meter and it send effective data to the raspberry pi and connect raspberry pi with the internet. At the backend, government person can see the status of energy meter in the form of graphs.

Keywords: IOT (Internet of Things), Electric Energy, Energy Meter, Raspberry pi.