Abstract: Diagnosis of a disease needs early estimation of the important factors relating to it. Treatment of scoliosis must be done in its initial stage. The treatment method of scoliosis depends on the degree of scoliosis. It may occur mainly in the thoriac area, lumbar area, or thoracolumbar area. For detection of Scoliosis, authors have used various methods such as posterior anterior radiography, computer aided technique for the measurement of Cobb angle, reformatted thoracolumbar CT images for Cobb angle measurement, mask segmentation, analysis of depth image, etc. In this paper different techniques and methods of detection of scoliosis is analysed. Different results are obtained from these methods and the limitations are highlighted.

Keywords: Mask Segmentation, Cobb Angle, Posterior Anterior Radiography, Edge detection, Screening, Scolio MedIS, Kinect sensor.