Abstract: Cloud Computing is an emerging paradigm which has become today’s hottest research area due to its ability to reduce the costs associated with computing and provides various types of facilities to the users. In today’s era, it is most interesting and enticing technology which is offering the services to its users on demand over the internet and based on based on the concept of storage, virtualization, connectivity and processing power to store resources. Since Cloud Computing stores the data and disseminated resources in the open environment, security has become the main obstacle which is hampering the deployment of Cloud environments. Even though the Cloud Computing is promising and efficient, there are many challenges for data security as there is no vicinity of the data for the Cloud user. To ensure the security of data, in this paper authors proposed a modern data lifecycle model using implementation of DIFFIE-HELLMEN algorithm. It allows two parties to communicate with each other also exchange their secret keys over an unsecure transmission channel without knowing to each other.

Keywords: Encryption, Decryption, Data lifecycle, Key-exchange.