Abstract: The main objective of this paper is monitor the water level variations in rivers and the monitored valued regularly stored in the web server which is useful to send flood alerts to corresponding authority for proper action and the same can be viewed through the web. In this paper monitoring the water related data like water level and flow rate in rivers and flood conditions using a typical ARM 7 will process the data and GPRS/GSM SIM 900a module is used to transmit measured data to the database and application server. Sensors are distributed in rivers so that changes of the water level can be effectively monitored. The database and application server is implemented as a web-based application to allow users to view real-time water-related data as well as historical data. The application server is also able to send warnings to the responsible authorities in case of emergency.

Keywords: ARM 7, Sensors, GPRS/GSM Sim 900a module, Flood alerting System.