Abstract: Multibiometrics system is the combination of two or more biometric systems. These systems are more trustworthy due to the occurrence of multiple independent evidences. Multibiometric systems are very popularly deployed in many large-scale biometric applications like FBI, UID in India and banking etc. The problems due to unimodal biometrics are tried to resolve by multibiometric system. The main objective is to secure the biometric template by producing a secure sketch with the use of multibiometric cryptosystem and then put in a database. Investigators are concentrating on “How to offer security to the organization”. To protect the system template should be secure. If the multibiometric template is stolen it should be a serious issue for the safety of the organization and also for operator privacy. In this paper, present a feature-level fusion framework to defend multiple templates of a user as single secure sketch and compress the secure sketch to generate a compact multibiometric template that contain most of the information fulfilled in the individual template.

Keywords: Biometric cryptosystem, Multibiometrics, fuzzy commitment, fuzzy vault, fusion, secure sketch, template security.