Abstract: Navigation assistance for visually impaired (NAVI) refers to systems that are capable to assist or guide people with vision loss, ranging from partially sighted to totally blind, by means of sound commands. Many researchers are working to assist visually impaired people in different ways like voice based assistance, ultrasonic based assistance, camera based assistance and in some advance way researchers are trying to give transplantation of real eyes with robotic eyes which can capable enough to plot the real image over patient retina using some biomedical technologies. In other way creating a fusion of sensing technology and voice based guidance system some of the products were developed which could give better result than individual technology by the use of microcontroller. There are some limitation in system like obstacle detection which could not see the object but detection the object and camera based system canít work properly in different light level so the proposed system is a fusion of color sensing sensor and the obstacle sensor along with the voice based assistance system. The main idea of the proposed system to make person aware of path he is walking and also the obstacle in the path.

Keywords: Navigation system; visually impaired; obstacle detection; mobility; microcontroller.