Abstract: Steganography is a science that considers the method to hide information in the cover media. The direct purpose is the communication with the secret information. The methods can be classified based on the cover media and secret message type. The cover media can be audio, video, image or even text message. Similarly, the secret message can be images, audio, video and text messages. The challenge here is to cover the secret information properly without degrading the cover media, without noticing and with security. The proposed steganography algorithm based on color histograms for data embedding into Video clips directly, where each pixel in each video frame is divided in two parts, the number of bits which will be embedded in the right part are counted in the left part of the pixel. This algorithm is characterized by the ability of hiding larger size of data and the ability of extracting the written text without errors, besides it gives a high level of authentication to guarantee integrity of the video/images before being extracted. Furthermore, the data were embedded inside the video/images randomly which gave the video/images a higher security and resistance against extraction by attackers.

Keywords: Video Steganography, Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), Histogram, Threshold.