Abstract: Steganography is the mechanism of hiding any secret information like password, textand image, audio behind original cover file. Original message is translate into cipher text by using secret key and then hidden into the LSB of original image. The updated system provides audio-video cryptostegnography which is the combination of image steganography and audio steganography using Forensics Technique as a tool to authentication of data. Security is most important issue in digital communication. Data security means protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized access to computers, huge databases and online data it is also protects data from corruption. Security is most vital issue in digital communication. Cryptography and steganography are two popular techniques available to provide security. Steganography focuses on hiding information in such a way that the message is undetectable for outsiders and only appears to the sender and intended recipient. It is vital tool that allows covert transmission of information over and over communications channel. Steganography is a most popular technique which is used to hide the message and prevent the detection of hidden message in a systematic manner. Various modern techniques of steganography are: a) Video Steganography b)Audio Steganography Audio Video stegnography is a latest stegnography of hiding information in such a way that the unwanted people may not permissible the information in any manner. The updated new method is to hide secret information and image behind the audio and video file respectively.

Keywords: Audio Stegnography, Video Stegnography, Data hiding, Stegnography, Histogram, Computer Forencies, Authentication.