Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to Design such a target so that there is least detection of it by the Radar system. For this we need to implement the strategies so that the RCS (Radar Cross Section) of the target is reduced to its minimum amount, the two types of reduction process we will be using are Stealth Technology and Materials & Absorption (Use of Radar Absorbent Materials). RCS reduction is chiefly important in stealth technology for aircraft, missiles, ships, and other military vehicles. With smaller RCS, vehicles can better evade radar detection, whether it be from land-based installations, guided weapons or other vehicles. The distance at which a target can be detected for a given radar configuration varies with the fourth root of its RCS. Therefore, in order to cut the detection distance to one tenth, the RCS should be reduced by a factor of 10,000. Whilst this degree of improvement is challenging, it is often possible when influencing platforms during the concept/design stage and using experts and advanced computer code simulations to implement the control options.

Keywords: RCS, advanced computer code, roots, land based installations, weapon vehicles.