Abstract: In the wireless mesh networks, the key role is played by the routers thus most of security threats are occurred to breach routing functionalities. Therefore, number of different kinds of attacks are deployed in networks easily i.e. Black-hole, Wormhole, Gray-hole and many others. Most of the attacks are deployed in order to degrade the performance of overall networks or bypass the network traffic. Therefore the presented work is aimed to explore the issues and challenges to design a secure network communication for wireless mesh network. One of them is wormhole attack i.e. severe kind of security threats in WMN. The proposed work is locates the wormhole link in network and tries to recover the network performance during the attack conditions. Thus, the scheme detects the malevolent nodes and prevents formation of wormholes. The Proposed mechanism based on two phase solution. In first phase the threshold value is computed using the different routing scenarios, the threshold value usage the network transmission delay in network and in second phase the threshold value is used to identify the malevolent link in the network. The implementation of the proposed concept is provided using the Ad-hoc on Demand Distance Vector routing protocol modification in network simulator 2 i.e. NS-2.

Keywords: WMN, AODV, Attacks, NS-2, Security, Routing.