Abstract: In a given image, it is possible to extract only the required data from the intact image. This is known as image segmentation and is considered as one of the important image processing technique. Several algorithms do the segmentation on images but Watershed method, which is based on natural phenomenon of water flow in lakes, is attracting large number of researchers due to its fast action, simple algorithm to implement in computer and versatile for twin images too. The morphological watershed image segmentation is implemented on MRI images to extract calvarial bone (skullcap) from the scans. It is useful for evaluation of calvarial lesions, calvarial bone grafts and calvarial bone fractured patients that could help in diagnosis and treatments. The results are demonstrated and the method is explained. Applicability of the method for the calvaria related abnormalities are discussed.

Keywords: Watershed image segmentation; calvarial bone; Brain; MR imaging; Matlab.