Abstract: Web based systems are highly useful for extending business as well as information sharing. Many platforms and technologies available for development of Web based systems. For a successful Web based system the design plays a vital role where the business logic is to be realised. Many traditional design approaches available, among which choosing the appropriate one is a challenge. Many Web based systems are developed in a hit and trail manner to meet the business objective. But having a proper design helps in future enhancement and systematic understanding of the system. In this paper Finite Automaton has been chosen as a design approach for Web based transactional systems which are functionally different than Web based informative systems. Finite automaton is an oldest and efficient mechanism for modelling any mathematical problem. Software development or Web based development can be visualized as s mathematical problem hence finite automaton can be used as a design approach for developing Web based Systems. In this paper a comparison on key features has been carried out with other tradition design approaches to justify the Finite automaton is equally efficient for designing a software or Web based system.

Keywords: Finite Automaton a design approach for Web based System, Web based System development, Web based transactional System development, Web based Informative system, and Design of Web based system.