Abstract: Here this system comes with new point of view towards surveillance system, which is multifunctional wireless medical surveillance system using very useful device FPGA. This system mainly based on radio frequency, GSM, wireless communication protocol and FPGA. This system accepts real time parameters like temperature, Pressure, heart beat pulses. It can be transmitted through base station to community hospital or expert system. Doctor can also touch up with help of web or PDA. At every moment it is not possible for patient to go to the hospital and take a service. Here we are introducing a system that helps in taking care of patient by them as well as doctor. Here not only patient can measure parameters related to body but also they can see it with help of internet. At the same interval hospital and doctor can also touch up with patientsí health updates and they can give related instruction after they come to dignose. The system which we have made helps patients to take care of them. Here in this project we are using sensor that is heart beat sensor to sense heart beat pulses. Output of the sensor is given to ADC from where we get digital output for our FPGA. Here FPGA is heart of this system which takes data, analyze it, process it, calculate result and also display the same. It can take corrective action in case of output when it is above and below threshold. FPGA output is connected to wireless transmitter which is RF module transmitter with encoder. In our receiver section we have used wireless receiver whose output is connected to ARM and from there it is given to GSM modem from where message is send to doctor. When doctor is out door then with the help of GSM modem he or she can get message on the mobile. In our model we have used one heart beat sensor whose output is given to transmitter section and at the other end at the receiver we get messages on the mobile related to our heart bit sensorís output.

Keywords: GSM, Wireless, RF, FPGA.