Abstract: In current years, an enormous research has been observed going on in the research field of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET). Despite of restricted assets in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, to structure a proficient and consistent routing protocol is still a tough task. A more intelligent routing approach is required to proficiently use the restricted assets. Moreover the routing algorithms designed for conventional wired networks such as distance vector or link-state, does not level well in without wired situation. Routing approach in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks is a difficult work and has received a great amount of attention from area researchers and quality controller now a day. In this research paper tries to provide a general idea of the existing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks routing protocols their functionality and characteristics. Further, the protocols comparison is given depend upon the MANET routing information and methodologies on the basis of their routing decisions. This research will help the researchers and industry personnel to obtain an overview of the existing routing protocols and propose which one routing protocols could perform improved results with respect to unstable network situation.

Keywords: Mobile ad hoc Networks, AODV, routing protocols, MANET, Protocol comparison.