Abstract: Distributed System is a system in which hardware or software components are located at network, computer communicate and coordinate their action only by passing messages. Mutual exclusion is a mechanism in which concurrent access to shared resources by several user requests is serialized to secure the integrity of the shared resources. As the number of message exchanged is very crucial parameter for analysing the performance of any mutual exclusion algorithm the proposed algorithm reduces the number of messages exchanged less than 2*(N-1),where N is the number of sites in the system. The number of messages required to allow any site to enter critical section is reduced by using the centralized body. The centralized body has the centralised control over the entire system. Execution of sites in critical section will depend upon the value of their increasing order of their timestamp. All the sites directly communicate with the centralized and the entire algorithm executed as per directions of centralised body.

Keywords: Distributed System, Critical Section, Token, Non-Token, Mutual Exclusion.