Abstract: This is a challenging era due to the growth in the field of computer science and demand we are facing today. Hence examinations play a vital role in testing studentís performance. And that is why it is important to have a smart development question model for growth of students as well as to test their learning skills thereby keeping a check on student performance. Generating an effective question paper is a task of great importance for any educational institute. The traditional method, where lecturers manually prepare question paper, it is very tedious and challenging. Hence, with the help of this technical paper we present the solution in form of Automated Question Paper Generator System (AQPGS) which makes use of Fuzzy algorithm. It is made to allow universities to generate question papers with random but even questions to cover most chapters of subject with difficulty level within seconds and mail them to colleges instantly.

Keywords: Fuzzy logic, question paper generator, classical method, ASP.NET, SQL, Examination.