Abstract: As we know today in the world information in which sending and receiving the information is popular and which is based on peer to peer system. In this type every computer in the network acts as the peer i.e. node and there is no centralized server in the peer to peer system. As we know the required data is distributed among the different sites and servers so many clients are trying to access that data concurrently. As simultaneous requests arises at the server its performance deviates due to heavy load. Information Systems are composed of various types of computers interconnected in network. In information system, traditional client-server model move towards P2P model. P2P systems are fully distributed i.e. absence of centralized coordinator. P2P system is another type of information system which is composed of huge number of peer computers. There is need to reduce power consumption of server. Here, it is getting more significant to discuss how to reduce power consumption of server in P2P systems. In this paper we presented how proposed algorithm reduces the power consumption of server in P2P system and how it is more efficient than Round robin algorithm and Consumption Laxity Based algorithm. Proposed Algorithm overcomes all drawbacks of Round robin and Consumption Laxity Based algorithm.

Keywords: Round Robin, Consumption Laxity Based.