Abstract: In this paper, method of moments based IE3D software is used to design a Microstrip Patch Antenna with Slotted meander line resonators. The aim of the paper is to design a Microstrip Patch antenna with slotted meander line resonator to enhance the isolation and gain of microstrip patch antenna. Microstrip patch antennas with mutual coupling are proposed for WiMAX applications. To reduce mutual coupling between patch antennas using different methods like Split Ring Resonators (SRR), Slotted Meander Line Resonators (SMLR), Wave Guided Metamaterials (WGMTM) structures are designed for WiMAX applications. The antenna is designed by applying FR4 substrate of thickness 1.6mm with permittivity 4.4 and obtained excellent isolation and improvement in gain.

Keywords: Microstrip patch antenna, SMLR, design, bandwidth, gain, efficiency.