Abstract: The aim of the paper is to design a triple band inverted T-shaped microstrip patch antenna. In this paper, method of moments based IE3D software is used to design a Triple Band inverted T shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna. The proposed antenna made from a two strip patch which made a shape of inverted T type so this antenna named as inverted T shaped MPA. This antenna operated at three frequency band with resonance frequencies 1.91 GHz (with a bandwidth of 19.63%), 2.256 GHz (with a bandwidth of 28.97%) and 5.676 GHz (with a bandwidth of 7.03%). So this antenna can be used for both mobile and satellite communication purpose. The simulated results for various parameters like radiation patterns, gain, reflection coefficient or return loss, VSWR and radiation efficiency of proposed antenna are also calculated with simulation software IE3D.

Keywords: Microstrip Patch Antenna, Inverted T-shape, Multiband, Return loss, Efficiency, Gain.