Abstract: In this paper a new multiband compact CPW feed complementary antenna has been proposed which is suitable for wireless communication. This multiband characteristic is achieved with the help of one L-shaped slot on the radiating patch. By controlling the position and length of the slot multiband position can be varied. The size of the antenna is 27.423.6 mm2 and it is printed on FR4 EPOXY substrate with height of 1.6 mm, dielectric constant 4.4. Simulation result shows the proposed antenna exhibits a good impedance matching over a wide frequency range of 2.41to2.46GHz and 4.79 GHz to 6.67 GHz with a gain of 1.5dBi and 2.6dBi respectively. This proposed antenna produces good performance, and small size.

Keywords: WLAN, CPW Feed, Microstrip Antenna.