Abstract: The cloud computing has become a popular platform for scientific applications. Cloud computing is a term used to describe a new class of network based computing that takes place over the internet. It offers dynamic flexible resource allocation for reliable and guaranteed services in pay-as-you-use manner to cloud service users. Scheduling the job is most important task in cloud computing environment. The goal of task scheduling is to achieve high system throughput, resource utilization and response time. In a cloud environment, traditional scheduling methods are infeasible owing to its properties - dynamical, distributed, and sharable. The aim of resource allocation to tasks is for all services to meet their performance targets. Several jobs demand different resources while running simultaneously. It is important for efficient working of cloud to balance these jobs on appropriate resources for optimal performance, and various task parameters need to be considered for proper scheduling. Therefore, there is a need for better algorithms to schedule tasks on these systems. This research work focus on Griewangk’s functions task Optimization Algorithm. This task scheduling algorithm is done under cloud computing environment based on life cycle of bird called cuckoo. The Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm is evaluated by using the Griewangk’s function with Rastrigin function. By using this function, the best task is founded among the entire given task.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm, Griewangk’s functions, Swarm Optimization.