Abstract: As cloud computing based technology is growing, so is the number of services offered over the cloud. Due to this rapid growth in cloud based technology, service providers must be able to deploycloud service environments very quickly and very easily. Ezilla toolkit will be used for private cloud creation. Quick Response (QR) codes seem to appear everywhere these days. Using the QR codes is one of the most intriguing ways of digitally connecting consumers to the internet via mobile phones since the mobile phones have become a basic necessity thing of everyone. For creating QR codes, the admin will enter text into a web browser and will get the QR code generated. While QR codes have many advantages that make them very popular, there are several security issues and risks that are associated with them. Running malicious code, stealing users’ sensitive information and violating their privacy and identity theft are some typical security risks that a user might be subject to in the background while he/she is just reading the QR code in the foreground. A security system for QR codes that guarantees both users and generators security concerns will be implemented.

Keywords: 2D dynamic QR code, Quick Response Code, TTP, GPU, Cloud database, GPR, URL, EzillaToolkit, QRStuff, Norton Snap QR Reader.