Abstract: In wireless sensor network sensor node are prohibits to computational resource and always created in hash unwanted and unattended environment. Security concern comes into picture in the form of authorization and authentication of data in wireless network. Development of wireless Sensor network has many applications such as military sensing and monitoring, health monitoring and traffic monitoring. Mobile sink is play a vital role in the wireless sensor network for data accumulation, localize, sensor programming and revoking compromising sensor node. Authentication problem and pair wise key establishment problem in wireless sensor network with mobile sink. This Framework, two separate key pool are used one for the sink node access and one for the pair wise key establishment between the between the sensor nodes for reducing attack on the network. We are used a stationary access network for authentication mechanism provide in sensor node and stationary access node as a Access point. This framework provides higher network resilience to mobile sink replication attack as compared to polynomial pool based scheme.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Mobile Sinks (Ms), Replication Attack and Polynomial Pool.