Abstract: Everyone in this world needed to know where is the family member and the most common way is “Make A Call To Each One “Is this a feasible way of doing ? What if someone is busy, or driving a vehicle, or he/she not able to take that call right now, so in that case what will you do drop a message (WhatsAPP) is this what you thinking about then again think about it. You call a person he/she not taking your call then you drop a message to theme again “NO REPLY “but you desperately want to know his/her current location and you again and again call him or message but many times we are in some situation in which we are not able to reply that call/message and we also think that the person should know where am i. Today many peoples have smartphone running latest android operating system which can be useful to track them and to know their locations. In contrast to traditional solutions, where the calling to the person and asking for their locations is not a feasible and reliable solution. Aim of this application is to track the members by person sitting at home. This paper presents solution to track the locations and communicate with the members using Google MAPs API, GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) and Android Operating System.

Keywords: Track; Google Maps; Location; GCM (Google Cloud Messaging), Android.