Abstract: In India, every year about thousands of pilgrims go to different religious places and participate in pilgrimage to offer prayers. As the count of pilgrims taking part in pilgrimage is random and high, it is very difficult for managing authorities to track the movement and location of pilgrims as they reach to any one destination point. In order to avoid the mishaps/ accidents due to medical emergencies and to discover the exact location of person in need of any help to managing authorities, we are implementing the system which relies on a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). WSN are consists of distributed autonomous sensors to monitor physical conditions such as temperature, sound, pressure etc. These parameters are sensed and cooperatively transmitted through wireless network to main location. Each pilgrim is equipped with a mobile unit which consists of micro-controller, GPS, GSM module, LCD, heartbeat sensor, temperature sensor, keypad and battery. Server unit will initiate and transmit the query to mobile unit. On receiving the query by Mobile unit, it will transmit its UID, latitude, longitude and a time stamp as a reply of received query to the server. As soon as server receives the reply transmitted by mobile unit, it will update the data of respective pilgrim in its storage memory and re-transmit the information about the individual to their respective relative and Guardian. As the mobile unit held by pilgrim is embedded with keypad, the push buttons provided on keypads can be used to generate and transmit the alarm/message in case of any emergency or difficulty faced by the pilgrim.

Keywords: GPS, Heart Beat Sensor, Temperature Sensor.