Abstract: Current survey on overlay networks has revealed that user-perceived network performance could be improved by an overlay routing mechanism. In the massive distributed simulation, the way in which constituent parts are interrelated or arranged of the overlay network canít continuously and promptly adjust to route the traffic to reduce the overall traffic cost. Overlay routing has been suggested over the last few years as powerful approach to accomplish definite routing attributes, besides going with lengthy and exhausting method of standardization and universal deployment of a new routing protocol. To Develop Internet traffic route over good quality is an assurance to succeed greater-quality streaming, Overlay network is proposed. Deploying overlay routing requires the placement and maintenance of overlay infrastructure rise to the optimization problems like catch a least group of overlay nodes such that the needed sending the way properties are pleased. It is NP-hard and derives a nontrivial approximation algorithm for it, where the approximation ratio depends on specific properties of the problem at hand. [1] In this Review Paper I examine the practical aspects of the scheme by evaluating the gain one can get over several real scenarios.

Keywords: Overlay routing, Resource Allocation, Network Nodes.