Abstract: Publish/Subscribe System is an emerging communication model which runs in distributed environment. It is a messaging system, where the messages/events are published by publishers and received by subscribers based on their subscription. In the existing messaging systems, broker acts as a middleware in between two parties and all the communication is done through the broker. In this case, the broker failure can be the bottleneck of whole system. To overcome this drawback, there is a system proposed which uses brokerless architecture for the content based publish/subscribe system. In publish/subscribe system, publisher and subscriber are loosely coupled and do not keep trust on each other. So, the basic security mechanisms like authentication and confidentiality are difficult to achieve and hence, a challenging task. The proposed system provides the novel approach to achieve authentication and confidentiality in a brokerless content based publish/subscribe system using the identity based encryption.

Keywords: Publish/subscribe, Content-based, Broker-less, Publisher, Subscriber, Security, Identity based encryption.