Abstract: Keyword search is a type of search in which matching of related documents containing one or more related words specified by the user. The web not only includes textual record but also include internet of interlinked knowledge. The linked data already contains valuable data in diverse areas, such as e-government, e-commerce, and the biosciences. The growing number of datasets published on the web are consider as linked knowledge which brings possibilities of prime data availability of information. As the information increases challenges for querying also increases. It is very problematic to search in linked data using structured languages. Hence, Keyword Query searching for linked data is used. Different approaches for keyword query routing through which the efficiency of keyword search can be improved greatly. Through routing the key phrase to relevant data source the cost of processing can be reduced. The Multilevel Scoring Mechanism is used to find top-k result for relevant document retrieval. By using this mechanism relevant data can be retrieved effectively and efficiently.

Keywords: Keyword search, Keyword query routing, Graph-structured data, RDF.