Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big data are two of the most emerging technologies in recent years, and Gartnerís Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies shows Internet of Things (IoT) are at its peak of Inflated Expectations. One of the trends that Gartner, Inc predicts in Big data is by 2020, with the presence of IoT, the connected devices, sensors, M2M communication will generate new types of real time information. A study is done to analyze one of the trends of big data, which is Internet of Things. In this paper we will examine some IOT use cases of interest, and will take a look at analytics of big data. In the remaining part, we categorize the paper into different sections, where section1 gives us the introduction of IOT, section2 introduction of Big Data, followed by section3 where we show the relationship, section4 we will discuss the trends and challenges which is followed by the conclusion.

Keywords: Big data, IOT, challenges, trends, sensors, wireless.