Abstract: The success of a movie is uncertain but it is no secret that it is dependent to a large extent upon the level of promotion and also upon the ratings received by the major movie critics. Time and money are valuable to the general audience and hence, they refer to the leading critics when making a decision about whether to watch a particular movie or not. Over 1000 movies on an average are produced per year. Therefore, in order to make the movie profitable, it becomes a matter of concern that the movie succeeds. Due to the low success rate, models and mechanisms to predict reliably the ranking and or box office collections of a movie can risk the business significantly. The current predictive models that are available are based on various factors for assessment of the movie. These include the typical factors such as cast, producer, director etc. or the social factors in form of response of the society on various online platforms. Various stakeholders such as actors, financiers, directors etc. can use these predictions to make more informed decisions.

Keywords: Movie success; Decision tree; Weka; Box office prediction; ID3 Algorithm.