Abstract: The study related to human machine interaction has been done intensively to improve the ways human communication with the machine. The means of communicating with computers at the moment are limited to keyboards, mice, light pen, trackball, keypads, etc. These devices have grown to be familiar but inherently limit the speed and naturalness with which we interact with the computer. This paper proposes to use image processing and gesture recognition to simulate an environment where performing technical activities will become more like “real-world”. The system proposes a real time human hand gesture recognition based system which interacts with the machine and processes the image. The classification of the gesture is based on the direction and gesture of the movement of the human hand. The motion of the hand will be captured and then the keyboard press actions are processed. Depending on this the image will move accordingly left, right, zoom in and zoom out.

Keywords: Human machine interaction; Gesture Based Interactive System; Image Viewer; Web camera; Multiple intelligences.