Abstract: Virtualization provides several benefits –greater efficiency in CPU utilization, greener IT with less power consumption, better organization through essential environment control, more availability, reduced project timelines by eliminating hardware procurement, enhanced disaster improvement capability, more central control of the desktop, and improved outsourcing services. Many blogs and articles are devoted to data virtualization, at many events data virtualization has been discussed the issue is explained on numerous webinars and webcasts, it’s on the radar of nearly all analyst organizations, all types of organizations are using the technology nowadays, and the products have matured sufficiently to handle large and complex data environments. One can simply state that even though the term data virtualization is not as popular as the terms SQL, data warehouse or big data, data virtualization has been accepted by the market. More and more organizations are deploying the technology to simplify right to use to their labyrinth of data sources.

Keywords: Virtualization, data warehouse, big data, organization